South Pointe

At one of my very first open houses, I met a keen group of residents from South Pointe and we worked to form the volunteer South Pointe Residents Group (SPRG). Together we’ve identified and addressed key issues in this new neighbourhood. Here is a high level overview of our key accomplishments these past four years.


  • Facilitated formation of South Pointe Residents Group (SPRG)
  • Expanded new transit route into community
  • Secured land, initial funding & planning underway to construct recreation campus in South West Winnipeg
  • Collaborated with SPRG to provided strong advocacy for the construction of TWO new schools (elementary and high school)
  • Facilitating a ‘Community Adopts a Park’ strategy with residents to enable a high level of care & maintenance
  • Facilitated Brady Landfill tour and education session
  • Providing ongoing local community funding, support and promotion of community building events (Winter Festival / Canada Day / Spring Clean Ups, etc.)
  • Worked with Ecole South Pointe School to provide funding support and deliver Bike Clinics to increase safe cycling for youth
  • Identified traffic calming location – anticipate installation in Fall 2018
  • Providing funding support to South Pointe Parent Advisory Committee for new school playstructure
  • Facilitated installation of traffic lights, stop signs, regulatory parking signs around school and in community
  • Hosted variety of educational forums on Brady Resource Management Centre, safety & crime prevention, composting, etc.

Further details of these accomplishments and other activities I’ve been working on in South Pointe can be found at:

Going Forward

These are key issues and projects in South Pointe that I believe we should be focusing on going forward:

  1. Improving City of Winnipeg parks & greenspace maintenance as majority of maintenance in South Pointe is handled by City of Winnipeg.
  2. Ensuring ongoing proactive ‘Safety & Crime Prevention’ education opportunities
  3. Optimizing transit access to new Rapid Transit corridor
  4. Constructing a new recreation facility in Waverley West Neighbourhood B
  5. Planning & constructing a Fire Hall to service Waverley West neighbourhoods
  6. Providing ongoing local community funding, support and promotion of community building events

PLEASE fill out the survey on this page and tell me what ISSUES or PROJECTS in South Pointe YOU want to see ACTION on in next four years.  I will provide a summary of submissions and what I’ve heard ‘at the door’ for you to review in early October.

South Pointe Residents Group

Thank you to all the volunteers and residents who run the South Pointe Residents Group!
Facebook: @southpointegroup