Richmond West

Richmond West Neighbourhood Association (RWNA)  formed many years ago and has been improving the community for quite some time.  I became aware of RWNA when I was first elected and met with some residents to discuss much needed upgrades to Kirkbridge Park.  Over the past four years, I have worked with RWNA, the Bairdmore Parents Association and area residents to accomplish some great improvements for the neighbourhood.


  • Construction of significant Kirkbridge Park improvements (new pathways / additional benches, tree plantings, distance markers, new park signage & shade structure)
  • Secured land, initial funding & planning underway to construct recreation campus in South West Winnipeg
  • Provide ongoing annual support for two portable washrooms
  • Installation of Bairdmore Park / School Climbing Net Playstructure
  • Upgrades to Marrington Rd from Bairdmore Blvd to Kirkbridge Dr ( 2018 construction season)
  • Providing ongoing local community funding, support and promotion of community building events (Spring Clean Ups, Street parties, etc.)

Further details of these accomplishments and other activities I’ve been working on in Richmond West can be found at:

Going Forward

These are key issues and projects in Richmond West that I believe we should be focusing on going forward:

  1. Upgrading roads and sidewalks
  2. Upgrade playstructure in Kirkbridge Park
  3. Ensuring ongoing proactive ‘Safety & Crime Prevention’ education opportunities
  4. Optimizing transit access to new Rapid Transit corridor
  5. Constructing a new recreation facility in Waverley West Neighbourhood B

PLEASE fill out the survey on this page and tell me what ISSUES or PROJECTS in Richmond West YOU want to see ACTION on in next four years.  I will provide a summary of submissions and what I’ve heard ‘at the door’ for you to review in early October.