Bridgwater Forest

I’ve been working closely with the dedicated volunteer Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association (BFNA) and area residents in Bridgwater Forest over the past four years. Here is a high level overview of our key accomplishments these past four years.


  • Secured land, initial funding & planning underway to construct recreation campus in South West Winnipeg
  • Collaborated with BFNA to provided strong advocacy for the construction of TWO new schools (elementary and high school)
  • Installation of Traffic Calming Speed Table Pilot on Bridgland Drive North (with more being installed this fall on Bridgland Drive North & South)
  • Installation of multiple traffic control signs in the community by parks, and on residential streets (no parking / sharp turns / 50km, etc.)
  • Initiated installation of Trailhead Community News Board at Northtown Rd. Park
  • Initiated massive weed removal on round-abouts / shrub beds / pathways & parks
  • Providing three years of supplementary funding support to Take Pride Winnipeg to have parks and greenspace maintenance by youth. Majority of maintenance in Bridgwater Forest is handled by City of Winnipeg but not to standards initially presented to home purchasers
  • Providing ongoing local community funding, support and promotion of community building events (Canada Day / Spring Clean Ups / etc.)
  • Initiated meetings and a study on health of Bridgwater forest, identifying care plan and facilitating formation of ‘Friends of the Forest’ to build awareness on how to care for the forest
  • Increased transit service
  • Initiated ‘Pathway Snow Removal Pilot’ in 2017-2018
  • Secured funding to investigate why fountain is not working & to upgrade surrounding vegetation and paving stones in area
  • Collaborating w/ BFNA on future of former School site on Bridgland Drive North
  • Hosted variety of educational forums on maintenance issues, health of forest, Brady Resource Management Centre, safety & crime prevention, composting, etc.

Further details of these accomplishments and other activities I’ve been working on in Bridgwater Forest can be found at:

Going Forward

These are key issues and projects in Bridgwater Forest that I believe we should be focusing on going forward:

  1. Improving City of Winnipeg parks & greenspace maintenance & care of the forest
  2. Increasing traffic calming devices in the neighbourhood
  3. Providing ongoing funding, support & promotion for community building activities to strengthen community through social events
  4. Fixing the fountain OR discussing relocation and replacing with spray pad
  5. Ensuring ongoing proactive ‘Safety & Crime Prevention’ education opportunities
  6. Optimizing transit access to new Rapid Transit corridor
  7. Constructing a new recreation facility in Waverley West Neighbourhood B
  8. Planning & constructing a Fire Hall to service Waverley West neighbourhoods

PLEASE fill out the survey on this page and tell me what ISSUES or PROJECTS in Bridgwater Forest YOU want to see ACTION on in next four years.  I will provide a summary of submissions and what I’ve heard ‘at the door’ for you to review in early October.  

Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association

Thank you to the volunteers and residents of the Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association!
Facebook: @bridgwaterFNA