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I’m very proud of the accomplishments we’ve made in each neighbourhood in the Waverley West ward! For the past two Council terms, residents and I have collaborated to identify issues and priorities that needed improving. From parks, to traffic, to housing, to community safety, we’ve worked together to make our neighbourhoods and community a stronger, safer and a better place to live, work and play.


2018-2022 Councillor Term Summary by Neighbourhood

I’ve prepared an very brief summary on key issues I’ve been working on specific to each neighbourhood in the Waverley West ward, and initiatives that I look forward to working on. These are very brief updates, but it gives residents a perspective of the work that has occurred in each neighbourhood. It appears by looking at other Councillor’s websites, I am the only one who has prepared such an in depth summary of each neighbourhood. It is very important to me to keep residents updated on my performance and offer opportunities to provide input.

To see City wide commitments, please see my Platform page.


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