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We can put a sign on your lawn starting September 3rd!



· You can ‘e-transfer’ to You must include your name and address to be eligible for the rebate.

· You can write a cheque to: William Dussesoy, Official Agent for Janice Lukes. Email and we will arrange a pick up.

You can donate with your credit card via PayPal:

Amount of Donation


This chart provides an ‘at a glance’ overview of the rebates and actual ‘out of pocket’ donations.  For additional details on rebates breakdowns, see Detailed Contribution Rebate or contact


  • To make a contribution to my Re-Election Campaign, you must be a resident of Manitoba.
  • Contributions from businesses and unions cannot be accepted.
  • Your contribution is not tax deductible, BUT depending on the value of the donation, you may be eligible to receive a rebate of up to 75% (see chart).
  • Following your donation, you will receive a Rebate Application form with an addressed envelope that you must mail back to the City Clerk. We recommend you mail back as soon as you receive from my office. The City Clerk will start mailing rebate cheques starting September 2023.
  • You can make donations to multiple candidates and will receive a rebate See Detailed Contribution Rebate
  • *If you make a donation of OVER $250, your name will be included in the Audited Financial Statement.