WHO Am I Supporting for Mayor?

I am door knocking in the community and many people are asking me who I am voting for, for Mayor.

  • I will work with whoever is elected for Mayor, but I am voting for Scott Gillingham.
  • I believe of all the candidates running for mayor, Scott has the strongest leadership abilities to stabilize and grow Winnipeg’s economy, and to lead on dealing with the many social issues and challenges Winnipeg is facing.


Summary & Cost of Mayoral Commitments

It’s easy to make promises, but ensuring funding and Council support are in place to deliver on those mayoral promises identifies who is ready to lead as Mayor – and who isn’t.

  • Mayoral candidate Scott Gillingham has identified and costed out all the election commitments he has made. SEE Building a Stronger Winnipeg.


Collaborative, Ethical, Leadership

Of course it is important to understand what mayoral candidates are promising, and how they propose to fund the promises – but what is EQUALLY important to know is their ability to provide strong steady ethical leadership and their ability to work with a team; a team of Councillors, a team of City staff, and residents to deliver on those committments.

  • I have worked with Scott Gillingham for eight years and know him to be collaborative, ethical and compassionate. He has proven himself as a leader who will work hard to build consensus.
  • Winnipeg is at a critical time in history, we are coming out of a pandemic that has brought many issues to the forefront (poverty, homelessness, financial issues, and more).
  • I publicly announced my support for Scott early in the campaign, as I know he can lead this city through pandemic recovery and build a strong foundation for the future.  SEE: joint announcement.

Scott was the Councillor for St James for eight years. I have seen and experienced how he works with everyone on Council. While  it is very important for a mayor to have a vision for our City, a mayor alone cannot move agendas forward. I know Scott can work with everyone, and he has learned the art of compromise – which is so critical as an elected official.

A mayor holds an incredible amount of power in determining the direction of our City – the delivery of City services directly impact your daily life – I ask that you please take the time to review leading mayoral commitments and ensure you vote in many of the advance polls, or on election day, Wednesday October 26th.  See: Where to Vote 

If you would like to speak to me further about why I am voting for Scott, please email me at VoteLukes@shaw.ca and I will set up a time to talk.