Investing in Our Future

See the article in Winnipeg Free Press: “Developers Can’t Build Fast Enough at CentrePort”

“The buildings going up – the jobs being created”

THIS is why we need to invest in trade corridors AND open up the City-owned CentrePort lands. Quite simply – for jobs and revenue. For the future of our city.

Last year alone, CentrePort issued more than $350 million in building permits. That’s just building permits and not the value of the building builds. I don’t have that value. By comparison – Winnipeg issued $24.9 million (2020) in building permits which are estimated to result in $2.188 billion in building builds.

The City has 1800 acres of unserviced industrial land 500 acres of residentially zoned land in CentrePort. Winnipeg has the highest ‘cross Provincial migration rate’ of any province in Canada.
WHY? Many reasons, but one of the main reasons is people are leaving Winnipeg for better jobs.
As a city – we need to invest in infrastructure – to provide good jobs, and revenues for our city – to ultimately improve the quality of life for everyone.

  • I will work with whoever is elected for Mayor but I am voting for Scott Gillingham.
  • I’m voting for Scott because he is committing to investing in improving access to CentrePort -and the City-owned CentrePort lands.
  • He’s committing to improve our trade corridors (Kenaston and extending Chief Peguis Trail) so Winnipeg continues to be a desired market for multinational firms.
    Many mayoral candidates are making many promises. Few are really focusing on how the City can generate revenue to pay for the promises. I encourage you to look at all candidates’ platforms.