Re-election 2022

On July 6th, 2022, I signed up to be re-elected as City Councillor for Waverley West! I was joined by my official agent William Dussessoy – a recent Asper School of Finance grad! I’ve had the incredible opportunity and great honour to serve the growing and diverse community of Waverley West for two Council terms, and I am seeking residents’ support for a third term. I will be discussing ideas, opportunities and challenges we face in our communities and in our City in the coming weeks. I will be knocking on doors and attending events – making myself available to listen and hear your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

During my time as City Councillor, I take great pride in the fact that I’ve always made every effort possible to be accessible to residents, by going to events, through emails, and phone calls – even through simple videos during the COVID lockdowns! I am here to hear from you!