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I’m very proud of the accomplishments we’ve made in each neighbourhood in the new (old) ward of Waverley West! For the past four years, residents and I have collaborated to identify issues and priorities that needed improving. From parks, to traffic, to housing, to community safety, we’ve worked together to make our neighbourhoods and community stronger, safer and a better place to live, work and play. I look forward to working with residents in the two new neighbourhoods of Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge to do the same!

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Whyte Ridge

A recent ward boundary review resulted in the formation of the new Waverley West ward, which now includes the neighbourhoods of Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge. There are many students from the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater that attend Whyte Ridge schools, so...

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Linden Ridge

A recent ward boundary review resulted in the formation of the new Waverley West ward, which now includes the neighbourhoods of Whyte Ridge and Linden Ridge. What a great little neighbourhood tucked away from the mainstream hustle and bustle, but yet so...

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Bridgwater Forest

I’ve been working closely with the dedicated volunteer Bridgwater Forest Neighbourhood Association (BFNA) and area residents in Bridgwater Forest over the past four years. Here is a high level overview of our key accomplishments these past four years. Accomplishments:...

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Bridgwater Lakes

It’s been a great pleasure to help facilitate the formation of the very dynamic volunteer Bridgwater Lakes Neighbourhood Association (BLNA) four years ago and to be working with residents on so many issues and projects to make our neighbourhood stronger,...

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Bridgwater Trails

It’s been a great pleasure to have helped facilitate the formation of the unbelievably dedicated and committed volunteers of  the Bridgwater Trails Neighbourhood Association (BTNA) and to be working with residents on so many issues and projects to make our...

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Waverley West Neighbourhood B

Residents living in this area are truly the ‘long term’ residents of our neighbourhoods. Residents have lived here long before the development of Waverley West was even considered!  Farmland, homesteads and rural life still exists along Lee Blvd and...

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Bridgwater Center

Bridgwater Center is the business, commercial and multi-family residential hub in the Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater. Rapid development has been occurring in Bridgwater Centre over the past four years with the addition of many businesses and new families....

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South Pointe

At one of my very first open houses, I met a keen group of residents from South Pointe and we worked to form the volunteer South Pointe Residents Group (SPRG). Together we’ve identified and addressed key issues in this new neighbourhood. Here is a high...

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Prairie Pointe

Prairie Pointe is a new neighbourhood with residents now moving in. Just recently, the Prairie Pointe Residents Group formed!  I know there is a keen desire by residents to see a park in the neighbourhood. As the park is the responsibility of the...

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Waverley Heights

Waverley Heights is one of the older neighbourhoods in the Waverley West ward.  Although we do not have a formal volunteer residents group in the neighbourhood, I’ve been working with very engaged residents on multiple issues and projects over the past...

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University Heights

I’ve had a long relationship with the residents of University Heights going back almost 10 years. Prior to being elected, I volunteered with the Bishop Grandin Greenway Association and worked to extend the trail west on the berm through to Sterling Lyon...

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Fairfield Park

Fairfield Park is a growing neighbourhood with a combination of single family homes and many multi-family apartments and condominiums. Many of the multi-family units are home to students attending the University of Manitoba.  We do not have a volunteer...

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Richmond West

Richmond West Neighbourhood Association (RWNA)  formed many years ago and has been improving the community for quite some time.  I became aware of RWNA when I was first elected and met with some residents to discuss much needed upgrades to Kirkbridge...

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Local Businesses

Having been a small business owner and Executive Director of the St Norbert BIZ, I am very engaged in supporting local business.  Since elected, I’ve been working with the local businesses on Pembina, University Crescent, and Centre Street to assist with...

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