Lukes Endorses Motkaluk


We all select who we are going to vote for a reason – here is mine:

I will be endorsing Jenny Motkaluk for Mayor of City of Winnipeg. I believe Jenny Motkaluk has the leadership abilities and approach to work in true collaboration with all 15 elected Council representatives to move our City forward.

For the past four years, I’ve been the elected representative for over 70,000+ constituents in the South Winnipeg – St Norbert ward. This ward was the largest in both population and size. I’ve been very engaged with constituents over the past four years on a wide range of topics; from rooming house issues to dealing with rapid growth issues in Waverley West. I’ve had the opportunity to hold the role of Acting Deputy Mayor, to be on the Mayor’s Executive Policy Committee for two years, and to be off the Mayor’s Executive Policy Committee for two years. I’ve worked closely with constituents to find solutions to improve our community and City. My roots have been based in advocacy focusing on the betterment of my community and City for almost two decades and my record demonstrates I’ve accomplished much by working collaboratively with others.

The past four years as City Councillor have provided me with a very unique insight into how Brian Bowman operates and governs the City of Winnipeg. I’ve observed a style of leadership that is very divisive, disrespectful of the representation elected officials bring, void of meaningful dialogue with Council members and with key City building partners on a wide range of issues, and a lack of transparency in sharing critical information for decision making. While a Mayor is elected by all, and under the current governance model, sets a direction for the City, I strongly believe a Mayor should consult with all 15 Councillors on issues, on a regular basis, to ensure the best decisions are being made. This does not occur under Brian Bowman’s leadership. Call me old fashioned, but I strongly believe face to face meetings with Councillors, discussing relevant issues, is one of the best ways to move our City forward.

People elect a Councillor to represent them at City Hall. People expect the Mayor of a City will engage in the true meaning of collaboration to work with all elected 15 representatives. Each of the 15 Councillors bring value and unique ward perspectives that should be included in discussions and the decision making process. I believe Jenny Motkaluk has the ability to listen, and bring all of Council together in a manner like we’ve not seen these past four years. I believe Jenny Motkaluk recognizes that by working with all elected officials, and our City building partners, that we can build an even stronger, safer more prosperous City.

I want to be clear my endorsement is not a blanket endorsement of all of Jenny Motkaluk’s policies, but that I am endorsing her because I believe she has the leadership abilities to bring the 15 members of Council together to focus on delivering specific goals and shared priorities for our City. There are limited resources, many priorities, and large challenges on the horizon. Winnipeg needs a leader who will bring Council together, to focus on the issues and to work with all 15 council members in the coming term.

Janice Lukes
City Councillor, Acclaimed, Waverley West Ward